ViDA Juice: Jun & Kombucha Making Class

The word "bacteria" typically evokes images of illness and disease. Your immune system works to keep harmful bacteria out, but not all bacteria pose a danger. Bacteria that benefit your health are called probiotics. These critters live harmoniously in your gut, for example, and are a normal part of your digestive system. According to a recent Beverage Industry report, probiotic beverages are the hottest bottled drinks to claim space in your grocer's refrigerator section. Their labels say they can do everything from detoxifying the body to giving you a boost of energy, but let's let you be the judge of that!

Join Sebastian Manjon of ViDA JUICE for a full moon home brewing course located at the amazing Dharma Ridge educational center. We will be learning a little history on this mysterious fermented tea, brewing our own batch under the full moon and learning how to keep this ancient probiotic tea flowing at your own house. This course is fully loaded with goodies like your own starter kit, some ViDA swag, and a little fun contest to see who's got the bucha flavor! Winner gets a special prize!

Pura ViDA and Happy Holidays


Sebstian Manjon & Carrie Clark

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