The ViDA JUICE Release Party @ The Food Lounge, June 5th 3-5pm


Join us for an afternoon of pure merriment and enlightenment of your senses in a space downtown known as the Food Lounge located at 1001 Center St #1, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Date/Time: Sunday, June 5th 3-5pm

A sensational experience...

Sight: We will be showing a sneak peak of our fun commercial to help you get a sense of what we are really up to here at ViDA JUICE.

Listen: Enjoy the sounds of local musicians that will captivate the experience of an uplifting movement. 

Touch: Shake hands and exchange hugs with local community members who are inspiring the future of a positive and proactive movement in our society. Speaker: Dru Glover from Project: Pollinate, Erik Eriksen "Your Vote Counts", Darrie Ganzhorn from The Homeless Garden Project, and Paul Damon from Holistic Veterans.

Smell: Breathe in the aromas of fresh, organic, vegetarian wraps from a local chef or the crisp sweet and savory smell of Kickin' Chicken's insane combo of waffles and chicken

Taste: Experience the flavors of ViDA JUICE'S new flavors that are ready to be released to the Santa Cruz Market.